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Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage

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aetna insurance formFinding ways to cover the cost of addiction treatment is a source of stress for many families. At Woodland Recovery Center, we have a comprehensive list of insurances we accept to cover rehab treatment. If you are worried about paying for rehab, Aetna is one of the universal insurances we recognize at our facility. Learn more about the specifics of our Aetna addiction treatment coverage when you can visit our website or call us at 662.222.2989.

Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage

Aetna is a widely used form of health insurance in the United States. To make our rehabilitation programs accessible, we accept Aetna addiction treatment coverage. You no longer have to worry about scrambling to save up for rehab. Aetna offers many types of plans to cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Some of these plans can include:

  • Open-access plans in which you choose your providers directly
  • Copay-only plans 
  • Higher-deductible plans for preventative care services

Aetna also offers an extensive provider search index to see all of the local providers it covers. At Woodland Recovery Center, we are proud to accept Aetna insurance coverage for our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, allowing patients to ease concerns about the costs of treatment.

Supportive and Accessible Addiction Care

Some insurance providers do not cover addiction treatment programs. Fortunately, Aetna has extensive rehab coverage available for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. This allows our patients to receive supportive and accessible care when paying for rehab with Aetna.

Insurance coverage is vital for those who are seeking addiction recovery treatment. You deserve to seek the help you need without worrying about paying for your treatment completely out of pocket.

Whether you have Aetna coverage alone or a combination of insurance providers, we can walk you through your options for supportive addiction recovery treatment at Woodland Recovery Center. With the right information in hand, you can make a confident, well-informed decision about your treatment.

Coverage for All Aspects of Treatment

Aetna has broad-spectrum addiction treatment. Some of the commonly covered services with Aetna for addiction recovery treatment include:

Keep in mind that individual plans for Aetna insurance coverage may vary. Some plans may not provide comprehensive coverage for every type of treatment that we offer. However, we’re happy to help you explore your coverage to learn more about your treatment options.

Use Your Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage at Woodland Recovery Center

When you come to Woodland Recovery Center, you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality care. We make every effort to make our services accessible and inclusive for all patients, whether you have insurance through Aetna rehab insurance coverage or another provider. We understand that it can be hard to know about the programs that your insurance may or may not cover. With this in mind, the compassionate professionals at Woodland Recovery Center can look up your plans and coordinate with your insurance provider so that you can feel confident in your coverage as you start your journey to recovery. If you struggle with substance use, consider addiction treatment at Woodland Recovery Center. Our empathetic, caring professionals will help you through the difficult process of detox, therapy, and recovery. 

We provide continuing care and various levels of patient treatment so that you can customize your recovery journey to your specific needs, such as:

If you want individualized, supportive addiction rehabilitation treatment, we would love to help. Find more information about Aetna rehab insurance coverage at our website or by calling us at 662.222.2989.