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Nutrition Counseling and Addiction Recovery

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Vertava Nutrition Counseling LPDrug and alcohol use can have a number of damaging effects. Nutrition and wellness therapies can be beneficial within addiction therapy in order to restore proper nutrition and encourage healthy, holistic behaviors in recovery. Woodland Recovery Center offers nutrition counseling as part of our addiction treatment programs to help our patients heal in every aspect of their lives.

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Why We Offer Nutrition and Addiction Counseling

Many people who use drugs or alcohol become deficient in certain nutrients. This can occur as a result of eating too little, eating an unbalanced diet, or as a direct result of excessive drug and alcohol consumption itself.

Lacking certain nutrients in the body can have negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health, which can worsen substance use behaviors. Alongside traditional treatments such as behavioral therapy, nutrition and wellness therapies are effective treatment strategies for addiction.

Treating nutrient deficiencies, as well as co-occurring eating disorders in those with substance use problems, can reduce the risk of relapse and improve whole-body wellness in sobriety.

At Woodland Recovery Center, we offer an array of wellness-based treatments within our inpatient programs to re-introduce patients to a balanced diet and encourage healthy habits.

Nutritional Therapy in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Within addiction treatment, nutrition therapy can play a key role in directly addressing some of the most common health problems experienced by people with substance use issues.

A common consequence of heavy alcohol or drug use is malnutrition, which can affect a person’s concentration and ability to think properly. This can make participating in other treatments like counseling more difficult.

Engaging in healthier eating habits can also have positive effects on mood, such as easing irritability, anxiety, and depression.

We begin with an assessment, during which patients can relay their medical history and discuss their eating habits.

The dietician will also have access to the results of medical tests conducted upon the patient’s admission. Based on this initial discussion and medical information, the dietician can then develop a nutrition plan customized to meet the patient’s needs and share their goals for the patient.

In addition to a customized meal plan, dieticians may also recommend that patients take certain supplements and vitamins. These can work as an added boost to help restore nutrients in the body more quickly and with greater efficiency.

The physical benefits of nutrition and wellness therapies include:

Benefits for mental and psychological health include:
Wellness therapies provide people with the opportunity to witness improvements in strength and energy not only in themselves but in others as well. This can increase a person’s motivation for staying sober and give them greater hope for the possibilities that lie ahead in recovery.

Call Woodland Recovery Center for Nutrition Counseling and Addiction Recovery

At Woodland Recovery Center, our holistic treatment approach involves attending to all aspects of addiction, including the effects of poor nutrition on the body and mind.

Integrating nutrition and addiction counseling in our treatment programs allows our patients to learn about the effects of substance use on nutrition and improve their health. Eating a balanced diet and restoring nutrition can have positive effects on a patient’s well-being and increase the likelihood of long-term recovery.

If you are worried about yourself or someone you know who is struggling with addiction, don’t wait to seek help. Reach out to our team at 662.222.2989 to learn more.

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