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VA Rehab Insurance Coverage

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person handing VA insurance formStudies estimate that over 11% of veterans suffer from substance use disorder. Veterans are entitled to health insurance coverage through the Veterans Administration, but many are unsure whether their plan will cover addiction treatment. If you are a veteran, Veterans Administration rehab insurance coverage may apply to you. Call 662.222.2989 or reach out online to contact a treatment placement specialist at Woodland Recovery Center who can answer your questions. We can determine whether you’re eligible for coverage and explain which insurances we accept.

Substance Use Disorder in Veterans

The majority of veterans develop a substance use disorder due to various challenges that veterans face. Veterans face unique challenges, such as:

  • Long-lasting effects of combat trauma
  • Failure to reintegrate into civilian life
  • Chronic pain or injury sustained while deployed
  • Undiagnosed mental illness

These challenges, combined with a military culture that generally endorses alcohol use, can quickly lead to substance use problems and addiction. While it’s common for veterans to attempt to treat their mental health symptoms with substance use, the reasons for developing a substance use disorder are much more varied. 

Finding a treatment center can help veterans understand the root cause of their substance use, all while assisting them in dealing with the mental health challenges they face during a return to civilian life.

VA Rehab Insurance Coverage

Fortunately, all health insurance plans through the Veterans Administration offer some level of addiction treatment coverage, typically including residential and outpatient treatment. The Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, requires that all long-term health insurance plans to provide addiction treatment coverage, including Veterans Administration rehab insurance coverage.

When paying for rehab, VA rehab insurance coverage will foot the bill. You shouldn’t let your worries about the cost of treatment stand in the way of your recovery or mental health concerns. 

Substance use disorders can have severe physical and psychological consequences if left unchecked, and the best path to long-term health and wellness is to seek treatment as soon as you’ve determined that you’re struggling with substance use.

Mental Health Coverage

Veterans seeking help for a substance use disorder often have significant co-occurring disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression are common mental health concerns for veterans seeking treatment and can be treated alongside addiction at a dual-diagnosis treatment facility. 

Mental health services are included in VA rehab insurance coverage, allowing you to focus on all aspects of your mental health when addressing your substance use disorder.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

When looking for treatment options included in your VA insurance addiction treatment coverage, you may want to look for a facility that provides services catered specifically to veterans. Veterans face particular challenges returning to civilian life after service and can benefit from programs designed to help them overcome these specific challenges.

A substance use treatment program for veterans focuses on several key issues, including:

  • Treating co-occurring disorders, such as PTSD
  • Helping veterans fully reintegrate into civilian life
  • Providing a community of peers that can understand your struggles
  • Assisting out of work veterans find job placement

Our veteran’s program works in conjunction with our evidence-based addiction treatment model, allowing you to work towards recovery while simultaneously overcoming challenges that may contribute to your substance use.

Learn More About VA Rehab Insurance Coverage at Woodland Recovery Center

Addiction treatment coverage is available at Woodland Recovery Center if you have Veteran’s Administration rehab insurance coverage. Our treatment center prides itself on providing specific services for veterans and can help you overcome your substance use and mental health challenges. If you’re concerned about the high cost of paying for rehab, VA insurance should be able to cover your bill. Contact 662.222.2989 to talk to one of our addiction treatment specialists, or connect with us online to learn more about paying for rehab with VA insurance.