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Yoga Therapy Program

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Yoga is a relaxing and therapeutic treatment for many people. When you’re looking for an effective addiction treatment therapy program, yoga therapy could be an essential component in your recovery journey.

At Woodland Recovery Center, our team is dedicated to caring for those struggling with substance use. That’s why we provide yoga therapy for addiction recovery in Mississippi. If you or someone you know might benefit from yoga therapy programs in Mississippi or another addiction treatment therapy program, reach out to our team today by calling 662.222.2989 or contacting us online.

What Is Yoga Therapy? 

Yoga therapy uses basic principles of stretching and body movement for healing and recovery. At Woodland Recovery Center, our yoga therapy programs in Mississippi target individuals who suffer from trauma and substance use. This type of therapy works toward inner healing and physical balance through gentle stretches and fluid movements. These postures can release physical tension caused by negative emotions. Trained yoga professionals direct people through healing movements that can be beneficial for substance use recovery. 

What Are the Benefits of Yoga Therapy?

Our Woodland Recovery Center yoga therapy programs in Mississippi are beneficial for patients struggling with substance use. Yoga has numerous benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. When someone is in addiction recovery, holistic well-being is crucial to their overall health. Some of the extensive benefits of yoga therapy include:

  • Better sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Release of negative emotion
  • Trauma healing
  • Enhanced energy
  • A sense of community
  • Meaningful self-care 

How Does Yoga Therapy Work?

When entering yoga therapy for substance abuse treatment, patients are introduced to a yoga instructor. Most yoga therapy is performed in a class setting along with others. Together, participants learn basic information about yoga and its importance for physical and mental health. Next, the instructor guides the participants through a series of slow, mindful movements. Most movements help to stretch muscles, release tension, and increase flexibility. 

Yoga therapy might include guided mindfulness, a form of peaceful meditation. Through yoga therapy, people will learn to observe physical cues in their own bodies, manage stress, improve their sleep, and relax. These skills can be vital in the addiction recovery process.

Is Yoga Therapy Backed By Science?

Numerous scientific studies have shown improvements in people’s mental health and brain chemical balance when participating in yoga therapy. Yoga improves blood flow to the brain, stimulating clearer thinking and decision-making. It also increases the levels of brain chemicals that reduce anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Yoga therapy has physical benefits, as well, helping stress, sleep, and relaxation. Yoga can help the body get stronger and effectively address muscle tension. By increasing circulation and regulating breathing patterns, yoga helps patients maintain physical and mental balance throughout their daily lives. 

Discover the Benefits of Yoga Therapy at Woodland Recovery Center

At Woodland Recovery Center, we deeply care for all people struggling with substance use. We have yoga therapy programs in Mississippi specifically designed to help with addiction recovery and mental health. We want our patients to feel their best and have all of the tools they need as they embark on the difficult journey of addiction recovery. 

Our empathetic professionals and caring yoga instructors will ensure that you feel supported. If you want a safe, caring environment as you seek to recover from substance use, Woodland Recovery Center has a place for you. Discover new ways to bring balance to your emotions and your body. While yoga therapy is beneficial, we offer numerous other therapies to get you on the road to recovery, including:

Connect with our team today by calling 662.222.2989 or filling out our online contact form for more information about yoga therapy for substance abuse treatment in Mississippi.