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Family Therapy Program

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Vertava Family Therapy LPOne of the most critical forms of connection someone in recovery can have is with their family. It is a vital part of the journey at Woodland Recovery Center and for all who enroll for treatment here. We believe that recovery from addiction is helped greatly through the involvement of the family.

Having a strong support network increases the chances of long-term recovery, so we invite loved ones to participate—always with your permission—in family education and counseling programs. We offer families the opportunity to heal and to develop tools to successfully negotiate the tenuous dynamic changes in recovery with family addiction counseling in Mississippi.

Learn more about the role of family therapy in addiction treatment as well as the other addiction therapy programs at Woodland Recovery Center by connecting with our team today at 662.222.2989.

How Drug Use Affects Families

If you or your loved one suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, then you likely intimately know the countless ways addiction changes emotions and showcases the effects of drug use on the family. Addiction doesn’t just affect the person taking the drugs or alcohol—it can create a changing family dynamic, one that requires its own measure of support and attention.

At Woodland Recovery Center, we understand the unique complexities that revolve around this situation. We are poised to offer you and your family compassionate insight, education, counseling, and support so that you can, together, move forward towards more positive and healthful relationships.

Family Therapy for Addiction

If you choose, you can integrate your family into your addiction treatment program. Our family therapy program in Mississippi serves several purposes. It can:

Family therapy for addiction becomes a unique tool to further develop and implement the positive coping skills you’ve learned within other aspects of your treatment while engaging you to learn even more.

It is an adjunct therapeutic method that helps you to re-establish yourself in positive and powerful ways within your family dynamic so that you can learn to heal and work together more efficiently as a family. Your family will have numerous opportunities to learn how they can better sustain and encourage you throughout the duration of your recovery.

The Benefits of Our Family Counseling Program in Mississippi

Let us help you, the family member, to:

  • Realize what you have control and responsibility for, and more importantly, what you do not
  • Reaffirm your needs and learn to take care of yourself instead of focusing all your attention on your loved one and their addiction
  • Recognize, readjust and correct any negative and unhealthy communication patterns
  • Pinpoint ways in which your family members may be enabling your drug or alcohol use, and teach you healthier ways in supporting your loved one
  • Identity and work towards resolving any family conflict
  • Overcome judgment and blame and begin forging trust
  • Uproot denial and replace it with a positive and focused awareness, supported by good coping skills
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Reestablish your family’s direction and work towards setting achievable goals

These things are all necessary when you’re trying to rebuild healthier relationships. Whether it be a child, parent, sibling, spouse, or another family member, you will have the opportunity to meet with your loved one in a safe space, one that our staff has taken great care towards developing, so that you can begin to bridge the gap that may have come between you.

Heal, Support One Another, and Become Whole Together

Change doesn’t happen overnight, especially when the damage may extend to numerous people in a variety of ways. Despite this, the good news is that change is possible. We can help you overcome the hurts, broken trust, miscommunication, and negative emotions that often surround a family when they’re consumed by an addiction.

Don’t go it alone—Woodland Recovery Center’s guidance and support can make a difference. Through our family addiction counseling programs and education, we can help you revitalize your relationships while obtaining valuable tools and critical coping skills that can help to make your or your loved one’s recovery successful. Contact us today at 662.222.2989, and we can tell you more about how we integrate family support, counseling, and education into our highly successful program.