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Veterans Addiction Treatment Program

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Veterans Addiction Treatment ProgramVeterans proudly serve and have served our country, but many carry the burden of war and trauma with them long after they have returned home. Many military members find it difficult to adjust to civilian life, particularly if they have experienced combat or trauma while serving.

Woodland Recovery Center offers specialized addiction treatment programs for veterans. Our veterans addiction treatment center in Mississippi integrates evidence-based therapies, group support, and peer counseling to assist in the recovery process. Veterans need a safe space to process their experiences and rebuild healthy coping skills, so we are dedicated to providing a trauma-informed and veteran-specific treatment program.

We accept VA and TRICARE rehab insurance, making it easier for veterans to get the support they need. Call us at 662.222.2989, and we can help you or a veteran in your life find addiction treatment programs that suit their lifestyle and recovery goals.

The Connection Between Veterans and Addiction

Some veterans may face mental health conditions or substance use due to traumatic events experienced during service. Studies have shown that veterans are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorders compared to the general population. The high rates of PTSD in veterans can lead them to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, which can quickly spiral into addiction.

Several factors frequently lead to addiction among veterans, including:

  • Exposure to combat and traumatic events
  • High levels of stress
  • Physical injuries from service
  • Difficulty adjusting to civilian life
  • Self-medicating to cope with mental health conditions such as PTSD or depression
  • Lack of access to proper mental health care

By recognizing the connection between veterans’ experiences and addiction, we can better understand how to provide effective treatment and support for our military members.

Supporting Veterans on Their Journey to Recovery

At Woodland Recovery Center, we recognize the unique challenges that veterans face on their road to recovery. It’s not just about treating addiction; it’s about understanding the underlying trauma and mental health concerns that contribute to it. This is why we strongly emphasize creating a supportive, comprehensive treatment framework that addresses both the psychological and physical aspects of recovery. Our team is equipped with the expertise to provide personalized care that respects the service and sacrifices of our veterans, helping them regain their strength, dignity, and independence. We believe recovery is a shared journey, and we are committed to walking alongside our veterans every step of the way.

What to Expect from Our Veterans Addiction Treatment Center

Woodland Recovery Center has designed our veteran program to provide a secure and supportive environment. Our addiction treatment center is located in the heart of Mississippi and serves veterans all over the state. We understand that recovery requires healing from past traumas and developing new coping skills. Our program may include:

  • Individual counseling to address specific issues and triggers
  • Group therapy with other veterans for support and camaraderie
  • Holistic therapies such as yoga, mindfulness, and art therapy
  • Education on relapse prevention skills
  • Aftercare planning to maintain sobriety after treatment

Our veterans addiction treatment helps veterans who want to distance themselves from the triggers and stressors of daily life. We prioritize evidence-based treatments at our center, using proven modalities led by licensed professionals to treat our clients. If you’re a veteran dealing with symptoms related to mental health disorders like PTSD, simultaneous treatment for co-occurring conditions can help you work through both challenges.

Benefits of Veterans Addiction Treatment

At Woodland Recovery Center, we’ve helped veterans get care for both substance use and mental health conditions. Our team understands the approval process to get veterans substance use treatment at our center. Our veterans addiction treatment can offer several benefits, including: 

Our addiction treatment for veterans is customized to meet the client’s needs and objectives of each client, and this is something we take great pride in. This specialized approach to substance use treatment programs for veterans may increase their chances of finding lasting recovery.  

Critical Considerations for Addiction Treatment for Veterans

When seeking addiction treatment as a veteran, it is important to consider several factors to ensure the most effective treatment for yourself or your loved one. 

  • Accreditation and licensing – Ensure the center is licensed and accredited by recognized authorities in healthcare standards. This ensures that the center adheres to strict guidelines prioritizing your health and safety. 
  • Specialized programs – Look for centers that offer specialized programs for veterans. These programs are designed to address the unique challenges that veterans face during recovery. 
  • Evidence-based practices – The center should employ evidence-based practices in its treatment program. These are methods that have been scientifically researched and proven to be effective in treating addiction. 
  • Mental health services – Many veterans struggle with co-occurring mental health conditions. Ensure that the center you choose offers treatment for these conditions in tandem with addiction treatment. 
  • Insurance acceptance – Check if the rehab center accepts VA or TRICARE rehab insurance.This can significantly reduce the financial burden of treatment. 
  • Peer support – Facilities that foster a community of support among clients can significantly enhance the recovery experience. Look for centers that offer group therapy or peer counseling. 

Woodland Recovery Center offers all of these features and more in our veteran-specific addiction treatment program. If you or a veteran in your life is struggling with substance use, please reach out to us for help in finding suitable treatment options.  

Making Treatment Accessible for Veterans

The cost of addiction treatment can be a barrier to care. While we accept VA and TRICARE rehab insurance, it’s important to note that not all plans are accepted at our addiction treatment center. We encourage you to call us to learn more about the coverage options available for veterans seeking addiction treatment in Mississippi.

Our team can help clarify your payment options. There should be no obstacle to getting help. We are here to answer any questions or concerns. With our evidence-based approach to treatment, we can help you or your loved one find recovery and build a healthier future.

Call Woodland Recovery Center to Enroll in Our Veterans Addiction Treatment Program in Mississippi

The road to recovery is challenging, but we want to help make it easier at Woodland Recovery Center. With everything from inpatient to outpatient treatment options, we are here for you or your loved one every step of the way. Our addiction treatment center for veterans is a supportive space to process the difficulties faced in military service without judgment. If you or someone you love needs help finding a veterans addiction treatment program in Mississippi, contact us online or call us at 662.222.2989 for more information.