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Music Therapy Program

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Healing from addiction can be difficult, but incorporating novel treatment methods can provide effective relief and make recovery more enjoyable. Choosing an addiction treatment therapy program with unique programs like music therapy can help people overcome their addiction.

At Woodland Recovery Center, we proudly provide music therapy for substance abuse treatment in Mississippi. Connect with our team online or at 662.222.2989 to learn about how an addiction treatment therapy program, such as our music therapy programs in Mississippi, can help you achieve genuine, long-lasting recovery.

Music Therapy for Addiction Recovery

People in recovery who undergo music therapy for substance abuse treatment receive an effective adjunct treatment. Typically included alongside traditional treatment, music therapy takes a unique approach by utilizing the power of song to address complex emotions and mental health challenges. This unconventional treatment style can help people relax, let their guards down, and get in touch with their emotions, which may otherwise withhold in a traditional therapy environment, such as in group counseling or family therapy.

How Music Therapy Programs Work

Music therapy seeks to gain emotional insight and regulation from people in recovery in a manner very different from conventional therapies. Through lyrical analysis, songwriting, drumming, and engaging with a patient’s favorite musical styles, a music therapist can use music to approach sensitive emotions and behaviors indirectly. The person in recovery and the music are doing most of the therapeutic work, while the music therapist guides discussions and facilitates engagement.

Benefits of Music Therapy for Addiction

Substantial research has been done on music therapy, proving its effectiveness in helping people with many issues. Some of the benefits of music therapy for addiction include:

  • Stress levels reduction
  • A sense of relaxation
  • Coping mechanism development
  • Increased joy and happiness in daily life
  • Communication skills work
  • Social connections built through a shared interest

With music therapy programs, people can follow a passion or hobby and heal at the same time. No matter your musical taste, music therapy can teach you to engage with music on a deeper level and find comfort and relief in the songs you already love.

Enhancing Other Treatments

Perhaps one of the most incredible benefits of music therapy for addiction is that it can significantly enhance other treatment options. People who receive music therapy become more engaged in treatment as a whole, allowing them to focus on the critical work necessary for recovering from substance use disorders.

It accomplishes this task by showing people new to treatment that therapy can actually be enjoyable. One of the frequent reactions to music therapy is surprise. People didn’t expect to find enjoyment in therapy

Music therapy challenges the belief that all recovery and mental health treatment methods involve suffering, negative emotions, and psychologically challenging work. Getting help is hard enough. You can heal and have a positive experience with music therapy.

Teaching Real-World Coping Skills

Music therapy programs often emphasize the power that music can have in your everyday life. Listening, writing, or creating music can become powerful coping mechanisms for people struggling with addiction. 

Music therapy teaches people that when they face overwhelming cravings or distressing emotional states, they can funnel those feelings into music or song and find relief.

Explore Music Therapy Programs at Woodland Recovery Center

At Woodland Recovery Center, our team offers a suite of holistic mental healthcare services alongside music therapy for substance abuse treatment. Addiction does not have to be the end of your song. With compassionate care, evidence-based treatments, and music therapy for addiction recovery, people can pursue recovery with the help of music therapy for addiction recovery in Mississippi. If you or someone you care about might benefit from music therapy for substance abuse treatment in Mississippi, contact Woodland Recovery Center today by calling 662.222.2989 or filling out our online form.