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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

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a group of people sit and participate in group therapy in their prescription drug addiction treatment programsPrescription drugs have become the most widely used substance in the nation, behind marijuana and alcohol. Many people with an addiction to prescription medications don’t recognize their dependence until it’s too late. However, Woodland Recovery Center offers effective prescription drug addiction treatment to help our patients heal and recover from their addiction.

Our prescription drug addiction rehab in Woodland Recovery Center provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment to help individuals overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives. Our center offers a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment for patients to focus on their recovery journey. Learn more about prescription drug addiction treatment in Mississippi by connecting with our team at 662.222.2989 today.

How Prescription Drug Addiction Develops

Prescription medication use and addiction have become an epidemic in the United States. With the increased availability of prescriptions, many Americans are struggling with addiction to prescribed medications every day. Once dependence on a substance occurs, a person may have a hard time functioning without the substance. This can lead to addiction.

No matter how someone becomes dependent on medication, seeking help at our prescription drug addiction treatment center is a courageous and important step toward healing. Woodland Recovery Center is here to provide compassionate, comprehensive treatment programs for those battling prescription drug use and addiction.

Commonly misused prescription drugs include:

These medications are often prescribed for medical purposes, but unfortunately, they can also be addictive and misused. With extended use, the body may tolerate the medication, leading individuals to take larger doses to achieve the same effects. This cycle can quickly spiral into addiction.

How We Treat Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug use affects every demographic and can be devastating to a person’s personal and professional life. Individuals who are addicted to prescription medications are at an increased risk of health issues, self-destructive behavior, and overdose. However, there are several different prescription drug addiction treatment options available for those looking to reclaim their lives.

Woodland Recovery Center offers customized treatment plans for prescription drug use and addiction. Many patients benefit from medically supervised detox followed by inpatient and outpatient care.

Residential prescription drug addiction treatment is often considered the most successful approach to drug use and addiction. This form of treatment requires patients to live in our prescription drug rehab center for several weeks or months and undergo intensive and daily addiction treatment.

Outpatient treatment is one option for those struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs. This form of treatment is typically only recommended for individuals with a less severe substance use disorder or people who cannot get away from daily responsibilities for an extended period of time.

Our outpatient program consists of meeting with a therapist several times a week for various types of therapy. Individual and group therapy are the most common forms of treatment used in outpatient programs.

Therapies for Prescription Drug Rehab

The most common types of treatment used to treat prescription drug addiction include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) – MAT is when a less addictive substance is used to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Currently, some medications can be used to treat opioid and alcohol addiction.
  • Behavioral therapy – Counseling and therapy are integral parts of treatment programs for prescription drug addiction. Various therapies may also be incorporated into a recovery program. Behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) have proven highly successful in treating prescription drug addiction.
  • Alternative therapies – We offer alternative therapies to support patients’ treatment plans. Alternative therapies commonly used in addiction treatment include yoga therapy, art therapy, and nutrition counseling.
  • 12-step groups – 12-step groups are often integrated into a treatment program for overcoming addiction. Many treatment centers will introduce support groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to patients and encourage them to continue participating in the groups after treatment.

Woodland Recovery Center’s prescription drug rehab center will provide customized treatment plans for each patient. This ensures that each person’s needs are being met and that they have the best chance at recovery.

Are You a Candidate for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

Determining whether you or a loved one can benefit from prescription drug addiction treatment is crucial to achieving recovery. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, you may be a candidate for prescription drug addiction treatment:

  • Increased tolerance – Needing to take larger doses of the medication to achieve the same effect
  • Loss of control – Taking larger amounts of the medication or taking it more frequently than prescribed
  • Withdrawal symptoms – Experiencing physical or psychological symptoms when not taking the medication
  • Neglecting responsibilities – Failing to meet obligations at work, school, or home due to drug use
  • Continued use despite negative consequences – Persisting in using the medication even when it causes harm to oneself or others
  • Preoccupation with the medication – Spending excessive time obtaining, using, or recovering from the effects of the drug
  • Failed attempts to quit – Unsuccessful efforts to stop using the medication on your own

If you identify with any of these signs, seeking professional help at Woodland Recovery Center can provide the support you need to overcome addiction and regain control of your life.

Reach Out to Woodland Recovery Center for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Taking the first step toward recovery can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Woodland Recovery Center, our dedicated team supports you every step of the way. We understand your challenges and are committed to providing a compassionate and comprehensive approach to your treatment. If you or a loved one are struggling with prescription drug addiction, don’t wait any longer. Contact us online or call us at 662.222.2989 today to learn more about our personalized prescription drug addiction treatment plans and start your journey to a substance-free life.