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Life Skills Training Program

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A young man in a life skills training programThe most effective addiction therapy programs offer patients support in all areas of life that have an impact on long-term recovery. Life skills training is an important element of success in overcoming substance use. Life skills training during substance use treatment can have a direct impact on recovery rates and quality of life.

Woodland Recovery Center is a leader in Mississippi substance use treatment. We’ve seen firsthand how incorporating life skills training into addiction treatment programming gives patients the tools that contribute to a lasting recovery.

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What Is a Life Skills Training Program?

It can be easy to take life skills for granted. However, not everyone grows up learning the essential skills required for navigating the world as an adult. After developing a substance use disorder, maintaining life skills is often a challenge, even for patients who once possessed such skills.

Life in active addiction often results in substances taking priority over everything else, including hygiene, health, finances, relationships, and personal goals.

A life skills training program offers support for some of these basic life skills. Some aspects of a life skills program are more general, while other elements can be tailored to address the needs and goals of individual patients.

The Importance of Life Skills Training in Addiction Recovery 

When addiction develops to the point that inpatient substance use treatment is necessary, it usually means that other areas of life have also spun out of control. Going through life under the influence of drugs or alcohol turns everything into a blur. Often, the only priority becomes the next drink or drug.

When addiction takes over life, everything tends to fall apart. Much of the time, patients have allowed many elements of life to fall by the wayside. Maintaining good personal hygiene, a clean home, and healthy relationships is difficult to achieve in active addiction.

At the same time, it’s common to see patients heavily in debt, with unpaid bills stacking up. Career goals fall by the wayside, and substance use often leads to legal troubles. Learning to go through life without substances is difficult enough without the abundance of other challenges life brings.

Life skills training in addiction recovery sets patients up for success. During sessions, patients discuss the common challenges that arise while navigating life in early recovery. They learn coping strategies, create action plans, and identify resources for getting life back on track in a variety of different areas that aren’t directly related to substance use.

What to Expect From Our Life Skills Training Program in Mississippi 

The life skills training program at Woodland Recovery Center is offered as part of our inpatient substance use treatment program. Some of the many topics typically covered during treatment include:

  • Self-care and personal hygiene
  • Cleaning and decorating home/personal space
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress management/mindfulness techniques
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking/meal preparation
  • Managing finances
  • Setting academic/career goals

In addition to these more general topics, life skills training provides an avenue for addressing specific life concerns. Patients receive advice and learn about resources that can help with specific issues, such as parenting, the legal system, or domestic abuse.

Address Addiction Head on with Life Skills Training at Woodland Recovery Center 

When addiction treatment addresses essential life skills, patients are handed the skills they need to confidently handle whatever challenges life throws at them. By addressing potential challenges head-on and creating a plan for navigating them, patients are empowered to continue working to create a vibrant life in recovery.

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