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Holistic Therapy Program

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A patient undergoing holistic therapy in MississippiTreatment centers offer a variety of addiction therapy programs. One form of addiction treatment that has grown increasingly popular in recent years is holistic addiction therapy.

Holistic therapy offers a highly effective alternative to traditional talk therapy. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, it offers a fun, experiential means of healing mental and emotional concerns that contribute to addiction.

As a leader in Mississippi addiction treatment services, Woodland Recovery Center offers holistic therapy in Mississippi as part of our inpatient addiction treatment program.

Learn more about our holistic therapy program for addiction by calling 662.222.2989 and asking about the programs offered at Woodland Recovery Center.

What Are Holistic Therapy Services? 

Traditional therapy programs typically take the approach of talking about a patient’s challenges. Talk therapy, both with a therapist and in a group setting, focuses on discussing topics like:

  • Factors that have led to addiction
  • Mental and behavioral health challenges
  • Identifying triggers
  • Creating recovery support plans
  • Separating thoughts from emotions
  • Learning to respond rather than react

While these are all effective strategies for addiction recovery, they also have their limitations.

Holistic therapy is a highly effective way of allowing patients to have direct experiences that support healing, wholeness, and connection. Providing patients with therapeutic experiences creates the opportunity to experience healing in ways that can’t be achieved through conversation alone.

Holistic Therapy Services We Offer

There’s a wide range of therapy models that fall under the umbrella term of “holistic therapies.” Every treatment center that offers a holistic therapy program creates a unique program involving a blend of the many possible holistic models available.

The holistic therapy program offered at Woodland Recovery Center Inpatient involves a three-pronged approach. We integrate music therapy, yoga therapy, and nutritional counseling to help patients achieve a holistic sense of wellness during their time in inpatient treatment.

Our yoga therapy implements body movement, stretching, and mindfulness techniques to facilitate a mind-body connection. Patients learn to connect with the physical body, regulate their thoughts, reduce stress and anxiety, and develop a spiritual connection.

Our music therapy program harnesses the healing power of sound and rhythm. The program provides patients with alternative coping mechanisms for navigating mental, emotional, and behavioral health challenges.

Finally, we use nutritional counseling to offer support for substance use and mental health concerns. Nutritional deficiencies, an unhealthy diet, and a lack of regular exercise are all factors that have a significant impact on a patient’s overall health and wellness.

Patients are educated on how diet and exercise impact all levels of health and are guided to build healthy habits that will support long-term wellness and addiction recovery.

How Holistic Addiction Therapy Supports Substance Use Recovery

An effective holistic therapy program for addiction can have lifelong benefits. Holistic therapies lead patients to have new experiences and build new skills that directly contribute to healing mental and emotional health concerns.

The techniques taught in holistic therapy can range from breathing techniques that slow racing thoughts to physical exercises that can serve as an outlet instead of substances when challenges arise. What all holistic therapies have in common is that they offer short-term solutions that naturally develop into long-term habits.

A holistic therapy program for addiction helps increase recovery success rates while paving the way for a happier, healthier, and higher standard of living.

Find Relief with Holistic Therapy at Woodland Recovery Center

Are you or a loved one working to overcome substance use disorder? If so, holistic therapy in Mississippi might be able to provide you with the skills that can lead to a lasting recovery.

Learn more about holistic therapy for addiction by calling 662.222.2989 or contacting us online and asking about the programs offered at Woodland Recovery Center.