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a woman smiles while sitting and talking about the benefits of her suboxone treatment programMedication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a form of treatment that uses certain prescription medications to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings. Those who are struggling with opioid addiction can benefit from the use of Suboxone as part of their treatment plan.

This prescription medication has been FDA-approved to treat opioid use disorder and can help those in treatment focus on their recovery without feeling the need to relapse.

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What Is a Suboxone Treatment Program?

For individuals with opioid addiction, Woodland Recovery Center turns to a medication that upholds a standard of care backed by countless scientific studies. Those in our Suboxone addiction treatment can benefit from medication-assisted treatment utilizing Suboxone.

Suboxone is a sublingual film (dissolves under the tongue) that contains buprenorphine and naloxone, two medications approved for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD).

A few of the benefits of Suboxone as part of a medication-assisted treatment program include:

Suboxone is intended to offer relief from opioid withdrawal for individuals attempting to stop misusing opioids. The combination of the two medications works to treat the symptoms and prevent misuse of this medication.

How Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Addiction Works

These are complex and sophisticated treatment methods that have been developed over decades. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions regarding the use of Suboxone in our MAT programs.

How Long Can Suboxone Relieve Symptoms of Withdrawal?

Suboxone is generally administered once every 24 hours. Once ingested, Suboxone typically affects after about three to four hours and can relieve symptoms for up to three days, depending on several factors. How long it takes to take effect fully can depend on a person’s weight, metabolic rate, and history of drug use. The amount of time it takes to metabolize Suboxone can also be affected by an abnormally functioning liver. After ceasing Suboxone treatment, it can take up to 5 days for the effects of withdrawal to be felt.

How Long Does Suboxone Block the Effects of Opioid Use?

Suboxone’s effects of blocking opioid receptors generally last for about 24 hours. This, of course, will vary from person to person depending on metabolic rate and drug use history. Generally speaking, opioids will be rendered ineffective if ingested within a day of Suboxone withdrawal treatment. There are cases where Suboxone causes a near-permanent blocking of opioid receptors, although this is an extremely rare circumstance.

How Long Should You Take Suboxone?

Like our approach to every patient’s treatment, Suboxone treatment length is completely individualized. There is no standard timeframe for a Suboxone treatment program. Some patients may benefit from Suboxone treatment for a month, and others may use it for a year or more. This is why receiving treatment from respected and accredited treatment facilities such as Woodland Recovery Center is so important.

Is It Possible to Overdose on Suboxone?

It is challenging to overdose on Suboxone alone as it is only a partial opiate receptor agonist. There is a ceiling to how much Suboxone your body can process, making it a relatively safe drug to use in medication-assisted treatment programs.

Call Woodland Recovery Center to Start Our Suboxone Treatment Program in Mississippi

If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, there is hope and help available. At Woodland Recovery Center, we understand the complexities of addiction and are committed to providing compassionate and effective care.

Our outpatient Suboxone treatment program in Mississippi offers a flexible and supportive approach. It allows you to receive top-tier medical care while continuing your daily responsibilities.

With our personalized treatment plans, expert medication management, and comprehensive therapeutic support, you can embark on a journey to recovery with confidence. Contact us online or call us today at 662.222.2989 to learn more about our addiction treatment options and how we can help you or your loved one achieve lasting recovery.