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Narcotics Anonymous Program

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group sitting in circle in a narcotics anonymous program meeting in mississippiAddiction treatment programs are essential for laying the groundwork for lasting recovery from a substance use disorder. However, treatment alone isn’t enough to provide ongoing recovery support. A Narcotics Anonymous program in Mississippi can provide the support you need to make your addiction recovery a lasting one. 

The Narcotics Anonymous recovery program is one of the recovery program paths recommended to Woodland Recovery Center patients as part of our Pick Your Path program. We know that finding the right recovery program is an essential part of effective addiction recovery.

Pick Your Path aims to educate patients on the most popular recovery programs so that they can take an active role in crafting an individualized treatment path that leads to successful addiction recovery. 

For more information on our patient-directed Pick Your Path program, call 662.222.2989 and speak to a staff member at Woodland Recovery Center today. 

What Is the Narcotics Anonymous Recovery Program?

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is one of the largest and oldest addiction recovery programs in existence. NA meetings are held around the globe. Even the smallest towns usually have at least one local chapter, while larger cities have multiple meetings each day. 

The NA recovery program is based on the 12 steps. Participants are encouraged to recognize that they are powerless over their substance use, build a relationship with a higher power, and take an ongoing moral inventory of how they show up in the world and interact with others. 

An NA program in Mississippi typically places a strong emphasis on the importance of fellowship and community. There’s often a strong community among NA participants, and meetings have a social feel. 

Attendees are encouraged to socialize before and after meetings and participate in NA-sponsored events like picnics, cook-offs, and parties. 

What Happens at an NA Recovery Program Meeting?

NA meetings follow the basic format of any 12-step meeting. Meetings begin with a reading of the 12 steps and welcome texts. New participants are encouraged to introduce themselves, and anyone struggling with the desire to use drugs or alcohol is encouraged to speak up and share what they’re going through. 

A typical meeting at an NA program in Mississippi consists of participants taking turns:

  • Sharing challenges and successes
  • Asking for guidance
  • Offering advice
  • Speaking on the topic of the daily reading

Participants are encouraged to choose a sponsor who serves as a recovery mentor. The sponsor and sponsee meet outside of regular meetings to work through the 12 steps using NA texts and workbooks. 

Is NA the Recovery Program for Me?

Like any recovery program, NA has benefits and drawbacks. NA can provide a vibrant sense of community, helping you build recovery-based relationships that often last a lifetime. 

NA meetings are also one of the most popular recovery programs, which means there’s typically no shortage of in-person meetings to choose from. 

NA might be right for you if: 

  • A sense of community is important to you
  • You want many in-person meeting options
  • You can commit to doing program work outside of meeting times
  • You are drawn to the 12-step philosophy 

If you choose a Narcotics Anonymous program in Mississippi, you’ll have to take the initiative regarding participation. 

To receive the full benefit of this style of recovery program, you’ll need to actively attend meetings, choose a sponsor, and put in the time and effort to work through the step-based program. 

Explore Patient Choice at Woodland Recovery Center

At Woodland Recovery Center, we understand that, ultimately, individuals are responsible for their recovery journey. Our Pick Your Path program is designed to set our patients up for success in building long-term recovery. 

We educate patients on recovery options and guide them to commit to the recovery program that works best for them. We believe that giving patients a choice in their treatment and recovery is the best way to support long-term healing. 

If you’re interested in the Pick Your Path program, call 662.222.2989 to learn more about the treatment options at Woodland Recovery Center.