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Olive Branch, Mississippi Drug Rehab And Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Olive Branch, Mississippi

The best alcohol and drug rehab is comprehensive, so it focuses on many aspects of addiction at the same time. It is also customized to the needs of each person. Rehab treatment includes therapy, which can include group, individual, or family settings. It may also provide supportive services like nutrition, education, art therapy and other options. Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi in Southaven, offers multiple levels of care with customized plans for each person.

Medically Monitored Detox Programs

Stopping drug use and getting past withdrawal symptoms is the first step of treatment. Because symptoms can be difficult and sometimes dangerous, it’s not always advisable to go through this treatment stage on your own. Medically supervised detox provides professionals that monitor your loved one during this stage. They can ensure safety, provide support, and offer medication when needed.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab programs are beneficial for many people because they provide comprehensive care, a variety of treatment approaches, and 24-hour supervision in a sober environment. There are short-term and long-term versions of this care, and people in treatment often transition to outpatient care after completing this type of program. Inpatient rehab includes different therapies and additional clinical approaches. It provides your loved one with support from professionals on staff and from peers also going through the program. [inline_cta_three]

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

In an outpatient program, your loved one would live at home and visit the program for treatment sessions. This type of treatment is best if the person has a lot of support from loved ones like you, or if they have already completed an inpatient program. Outpatient care provides group therapy and may give other support depending on the program.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Regular detox and rehab programs may use medications as part of a treatment plan, but they differ from medication-assisted treatment (MAT). A MAT program follows specialized guidelines that includes both medication and behavioral therapy together. It focuses on addressing opioid and alcohol use disorders.

Aftercare And Recovery Coaching

Quality treatment programs usually provide an aftercare component. Aftercare provides ongoing support after a treatment program is completed. There are also community-based options your loved one can rely on after finishing a treatment program. Aftercare can provide different types of support to further recovery. It may feature peer support, 12-step programs, sober-living residences or other community resources.

Paying For Rehab

Your family may pay for rehab treatment through insurance or out-of-pocket costs. Families often pay with both methods. Insurance usually covers at least part of the cost of treatment, and then the family pays the rest. Treatment programs may offer payment plans, so it never hurts to inquire with the facility.

Substance Use Trends In Olive Branch And DeSoto County, Mississippi

Olive Branch is located in DeSoto County, which is an area connected with substance use problems. Facts from DeSoto County include:
  • DeSoto County was in the top five counties in the state for suspected overdose deaths (8) and naloxone administrations (20) in the first quarter of 2018.
  • DeSoto County was the county with the highest number of drug-related arrests in the state in 2017, with 3,449
  • DeSoto County was the top county in the state regarding rate of drug-related crime per 1,000 persons in 2017, with 19.6.
Also, the first quarter of 2018 had nine burglaries of pharmacies in the state, with five of them happening in this county.

Woodland Recovery Center In Southaven, Mississippi

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi is a treatment facility located in Southaven, Mississippi, which is in the Greater Memphis area and only about 20 minutes from Olive Branch. Our facility takes a holistic approach with an emphasis on treating dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorders. We provide cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and more in a rejuvenative setting. Get started with your recovery by contacting Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi today.