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Alcoholics Anonymous Program

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people sitting in a circle in an alcoholics anonymous program in mississippiEffective addiction treatment programs strongly emphasize helping patients set up an aftercare plan. Choosing to participate in a recovery program is one of the best ways to support long-term recovery. An Alcoholics Anonymous program in Mississippi is one popular option when it comes to choosing a program. 

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi works to educate patients on the many different recovery programs available at our treatment center. The AA recovery program is one of the recovery options we encourage patients in our Pick Your Path program to consider. 

At Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi, we ask patients to take an active role in their own treatment plans. To learn more about Pick Your Path at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi, call us at 662.222.2989 today. 

What Is the Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Program?

The Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program started in 1935. It was the first recovery program that effectively helped participants recover from alcohol use disorder. The group has a rich history, and in-person meetings occur around the world every day. 

Alcoholics Anonymous is the original 12-step group. AA’s founder, Bill W., devised the 12 steps in his book The Big Book, the foundational AA text. Countless other 12-step groups and approaches to recovery have come out of AA.  

The goal of the AA program is to offer community support and understanding for recovery. As with other 12-step groups, participants are encouraged to choose a sponsor. This person will commit to working with you individually on step work. Study of the 12 steps is designed to further inner healing and strengthen your recovery. 

What to Expect at an AA Recovery Program Meeting

If you’re considering attending an Alcoholics Anonymous program in Mississippi, you’re probably wondering what to expect. 

A typical AA meeting starts with readings from the AA texts. Some meetings are speaker meetings, in which one member has been invited to share a story about themselves and their recovery. Other meetings are conversation-based. A participant will introduce themselves and share with the group. 

Participants are encouraged to use meeting time to find support for their recovery journey. One person might share that they’ve been struggling with cravings, while another might speak about how family conflict has been a trigger. Members offer support and advice to one another, building a community of supportive peers.

How to Know Whether AA Is Right for You

Choosing a recovery program that meets your needs is essential for long-term participation. Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi encourages patients to learn about different recovery programs so you can find one that you’ll enjoy participating in. 

Choosing an AA program in Mississippi might be right for you if you: 

  • Agree with the 12-step philosophy
  • Can commit to finding a sponsor and working on steps outside of meetings
  • Require in-person meeting options
  • Identify social connection as an important part of your recovery

The AA programming and materials specifically address addiction to alcohol. Typically, an AA program in Mississippi is welcoming to anyone working to overcome substance use disorder, regardless of whether they struggle with alcohol or drug use. However, participants are often encouraged to use AA terminology like “alcoholic” rather than “addict.” 

AA is not a Christian program, but meetings often contain elements of the Christian faith. For example, it’s not uncommon for the Lord’s Prayer to be recited at AA meetings. 

Explore Recovery Paths at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi

Pick Your Path at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi is designed to put control into the patient’s hands. We know that substance use treatment is a short-term experience, but it can lead to recovery that lasts a lifetime. We strive to inform our patients about the many different recovery programs they can choose from so they can find a program that becomes a lasting part of their journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about recovery program options, call 662.222.2989 and ask about the Pick Your Path program at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi.