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Dharma Recovery Program

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man in glasses leading participants in a dharma recovery program in mississippi Dharma Recovery is a recovery program that applies Buddhist principles to the topic of addiction. After participants complete their addiction treatment programs, Dharma Recovery can provide community guidance for building a deeper understanding of addictive behavior and how to foster long-term wellness.

Woodland Recovery Center recommends the Dharma addiction recovery program as part of our Pick Your Path treatment program. We believe that when patients are given a wide range of options, they’re more likely to find a program that supports long-term recovery. 

For more information on Dharma Recovery and the Pick Your Path addiction treatment program, contact Woodland Recovery Center at 662.222.2989.

What Is a Dharma Recovery Program?

Dharma Recovery is the largest and most popular of the Buddhist recovery programs. Participants don’t have to be Buddhist or even spiritual to participate in Dharma Recovery. 

The program takes Buddhist philosophy and applies it to the subject of addictive and obsessive behaviors. Much of the text and conversation in Dharma Recovery focus on applying Buddhist thought to stop personal suffering and addictive behavior. 

Buddhist thought states that it’s possible to stop suffering by following the Noble Eightfold Path. This is achieved by practicing:

  • Wise understanding
  • Wise intention
  • Wise speech
  • Wise action
  • Wise livelihood
  • Wise effort
  • Wise mindfulness
  • Wise concentration 

A key benefit of Dharma Recovery is that the guiding principles apply widely, whatever your beliefs are. Buddhist philosophical teachings are considered to be compatible with other religious beliefs, making Dharma Recovery meetings relevant regardless of faith or beliefs. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Buddhist or these ideas are brand-new to you, Dharma Recovery works by encouraging you to apply ideas to improve well-being wherever you are in your recovery journey. 

What Happens in Dharma Recovery Meetings?

A typical Dharma Recovery program in Mississippi begins with a reading from the program’s main text, “Recovery Dharma: How to Use Buddhist Practices and Principles to End the Suffering of Addiction.”

Meeting participants are encouraged to introduce themselves briefly. The facilitator might introduce a topic or question followed by 15 minutes of meditation. After meditation, there’s another reading from the main text discussing Buddhist principles in the context of recovery. 

Meetings then move into group conversation. Each participant is encouraged to share thoughts, challenges, and victories, especially as they relate to the day’s reading. 

How Do I Know if Dharma Recovery Is Right for Me?

Patients at Woodland Recovery Center are encouraged to learn about the various recovery programs available and then commit to choosing one as part of the Pick Your Path treatment plan.

Dharma Recovery might be your ideal recovery program if you are drawn to the Buddhist philosophies and worldview.  

If any of these descriptions sound like you, a Dharma addiction recovery program in Mississippi might be the recovery program that works for you: 

  • You enjoy mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation
  • You prefer a program focused on well-being, self-awareness, and inner peace
  • Buddhist teachings offering secular advice and a spiritual component attract you
  • You’re comfortable participating in an online recovery program

Something to note about Dharma Recovery is that in-person meetings are not held on the scale of those in other recovery programs. Depending on where you live, you may have limited or no in-person meeting options and must opt for online meetings instead. 

This means that Dharma Recovery may not provide the levels of community and fellowship available through other programs. Dharma Recovery works best for those interested in a more introspective recovery program focused on wellness, life philosophy, and spiritual growth. 

Buddhist Recovery Programs at Woodland Recovery Center

Pick Your Path at Woodland Recovery Center aims to empower patients by educating them on the many different paths to recovery. We support long-term recovery by connecting our clients to the recovery program that best supports their unique path to lifelong growth and healing. 

For more information on patient-led addiction treatment, call 662.222.2989 and ask about the Pick Your Path program at Woodland Recovery Center.