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Refuge Recovery Program

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man in orange shirt talking in a refuge recovery program in mississippiAddiction treatment programs are only the first step in overcoming a substance use disorder. Once treatment is complete, participation in a recovery program can help you continue to grow and strengthen the foundation you formed in treatment. One program option is the Buddhist recovery program Refuge Recovery.

Pick Your Path at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi rests on the premise that the best person to direct your recovery is you. The experienced team at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi is here to offer guidance and information at every step, but we work to empower our patients by educating them on the options and asking them to choose for themselves. 

For more information on Pick Your Path at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi, call 662.222.2989 today.

What Is Refuge Recovery?

Refuge Recovery is one of the many options available to patients committing to a long-term recovery program.

The Refuge addiction recovery program in Mississippi is based on Buddhist teachings. The program takes the Buddhist philosophy of the Four Noble Truths and reframes them through the lens of addiction recovery. 

Participants in Refuge Recovery meetings learn to: 

  • Take inventory of personal suffering
  • Understand and release the causes of suffering in personal life
  • Take refuge in recovery rather than addiction
  • Follow the Eightfold Path of Buddhism

Our Refuge Recovery program in Mississippi doesn’t require any specific religious or spiritual beliefs, and the program is designed to address all forms of addiction. 

The Buddhist teachings used in the program are not a religious requirement. They are a guide for creating a healthy inner and outer life.

How Do Refuge Recovery Meetings Work?

You can participate in a Refuge Recovery program in Mississippi by attending meetings in person or online. Regardless of which format you choose, all meetings follow the same basic structure. 

Refuge Recovery meetings begin with an introduction and readings from the program text. After that, one group member leads the whole group in a 20-minute meditation. Then comes another reading, and then the conversation begins. 

Members are encouraged to consider how the reading topic applies to their own lives and share observations or insights with the group. Then there are a few more readings before the meeting ends. 

Recovery Refuge members are encouraged to participate in meetings daily. The program also offers additional meditations, texts, retreats, and service work. 

Is Refuge Recovery the Right Program for Me?

Refuge Recovery is a relatively new addiction recovery program. It was created in 2014, and founder Noah Levine sought to incorporate aspects of mindfulness, Buddhist thought, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and traditional recovery programs. 

You might benefit from a Refuge addiction recovery program in Mississippi if you: 

  • Want a recovery program that doesn’t require faith or belief in a higher power
  • Are comfortable participating in online meetings
  • Want your recovery program to consider mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Want a recovery program that doesn’t use the 12 steps

If you’re interested in a fresh take on Buddhist philosophy blended with science, Refuge Recovery may appeal to you. Because it’s a newer program, in-person programs may be limited in some areas. 

Buddhist Addiction Recovery at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi

Pick Your Path at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi puts the patient into the driver’s seat. You’re in charge of your choices once treatment ends, and we want you to feel empowered to begin making informed choices that support recovery during treatment. 

There are a wide variety of recovery programs out there for a reason—what works for one person isn’t right for another. One individual might find a home in a 12-step program, while another is better suited to a Buddhist recovery program. 

If you’d like to learn more about recovery program options and Pick Your Path, contact Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi at 662.222.2989.