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5 Benefits of Group Therapy

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If you have never participated in therapy before, you may wonder about the benefits of group therapy for addiction recovery. Along with other forms of therapy, a group therapy program is essential for well-rounded recovery treatment. At Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi, we proudly provide a range of addiction therapy options, including our group therapy program. For more information about the value of a group therapy program, call our Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi team today at 662.222.2989 or connect with us online.

5 Benefits of Group Therapy

1. Group Therapy Reduces Isolation

Leaving behind friends and family members who continue to misuse substances is one of the most challenging aspects of recovery. Avoiding people and places that may trigger relapse or simply don’t support your sobriety can make you feel lonely and isolated. Participating in our Woodland Recovery Center group therapy program in Mississippi helps diminish those negative feelings. In group therapy, you will meet and bond with people who understand what you’re going through and share the same concerns.

2. Group Therapy Allows You to Witness Recovery in Action

In the early stages of recovery, it’s natural to have doubts that your treatment will work or that you have the skills needed to remain on the right track. In group therapy, you will witness other people just like you who have overcome their doubts and fears. Getting to know others who share the same past experiences and have turned their lives around is inspiring and educational. It is also profoundly healing to know that someday your story will encourage someone else to stay in recovery.

3. Group Therapy Provides Structure

People with substance and alcohol use disorders often don’t have the strength to take on responsibility. The chance to practice being responsible is one of the many benefits of group therapy. Therapy groups have rules, schedules, and codes of conduct that must be respected. Participation helps members develop new habits and learn to keep their commitments to others.

4. Group Therapy Offers a Chance to Build Skills

Relearning how to communicate with peers without using substances is critical to functioning in 

life after rehab. In a group setting, each member must use their new coping skills to peacefully resolve conflicts and handle the minor problems that come along with any group dynamic. 

These new skills will help members communicate more effectively with friends, family members, spouses, employers, and others in daily life.

5. Group Therapy Offers a Sense of Community

Maintaining abstinence from drug and alcohol use once your treatment program is over is easier when you have a sober support community to rely on. It is not unusual for members of a rehab therapy group to continue their journey together in sober living and then community-based 12-step meetings after leaving a program. Even if the people you attend group therapy with while in treatment do not continue to be present in your life, learning how to bond with others in a group setting will prepare you to become a member of the recovery community after you leave treatment.

Learn More About the Benefits of Group Therapy at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi

Recovering from addiction requires multiple layers of care that include physical and mental health as well as social health. A group therapy program in Mississippi is part of that multi-layered approach. Other programs available at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi include:

Call Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi today at 662.222.2989 or fill out our online contact form for more information about our treatment programs and the benefits of participating in group therapy for addiction.