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Winona, Mississippi Drug Rehab And Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Winona, Mississippi

Residents of Winona who are ready to get help for addiction need to start with finding an appropriate treatment center. Whether an outpatient facility or an inpatient center like Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi fits your needs, you’ll find several options within a short drive of Winona. Treatment options include a range of therapy types, including holistic treatment, evidence-based behavioral therapies, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, and detox support.

Medically Monitored Detox Programs

The withdrawal comes with intense symptoms, including strong cravings and painful physical side effects. A medically monitored detox program provides the safest way to get through this process with strong support and constant supervision. In a medically monitored detox program, you’ll be able to get medical intervention as you go through this challenging step. [middle-callout]

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab centers give you a safe place to live and seek treatment, all under one roof. These environments support you by creating a community of support. You’ll follow a structured schedule that incorporates many different types of therapy into the day, such as nature-based programs, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy. One of the benefits of inpatient rehab is to truly step away from your daily life and its temptations. Whether you choose a short-term program or a long-term one, this can be pivotal to your overall treatment success.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

After residential therapy or sometimes instead of it, outpatient addiction treatment provides support without the need to live at the addiction treatment center. This means you can continue working or attending school, while still getting excellent therapy for your addiction. Some outpatient addiction treatment centers offer intensive outpatient programs, which means they meet more frequently.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) puts together counseling and behavioral therapy with prescription medications. The goal is to use the medications to make withdrawal less intense or reduce overall cravings, so the individual can focus on the behavioral changes made through counseling. MAT programs can stand on their own or be part of an inpatient program.

Aftercare And Recovery Coaching

Addiction is a lifelong disorder, and the best addiction treatment centers will plan for continuing care after your formal treatment is over. Aftercare or recovery coaching programs will connect graduates with community resources and programs that they can tap into when they face temptation. This helps significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

Paying For Rehab

Rehab does come at a cost, and you’ll need to have a plan for how to pay for it. Many people can use their health insurance coverage for most of the cost, as addiction treatment is covered under behavioral health services. If you find that your out-of-pocket costs are high, consider having a fundraiser or asking the treatment center about payment plan options.

Substance Use Trends In Winona And Montgomery County, Mississippi

Winona and the rest of Montgomery County are not immune to the effects of drug addiction on the state of Mississippi, though they do not have recent drug-related deaths. Some recent incidents that indicate the problem’s reach in the area include:
  • In 2019, two men from Winona were arrested in nearby Carroll County on drug-related charges.
  • Similarly, in 2018, a Winona resident was arrested on felony possession of marijuana charges.
  • In 2017, Montgomery County reported no drug-related overdose deaths.
  • In spite of events like these, Montgomery County had no substance use treatment centers in 2020.

Woodland Recovery Center In Southaven, Mississippi

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi provides an option for residents of Winona who need help with addiction. Just 110 miles from Winona, Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi is a residential treatment center that offers a wide range of treatment options, including dialectical behavior therapy. Our comfortable setting allows you to focus your energy on healing during your stay. For more information, contact us today.