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5 Signs My Mom Drinks Too Much

a mother and daughter hug while discussing the signs of moms who drink too much

If you have wondered: “Should I be concerned that my mom drinks every night?” The answer is yes. She may have an issue with alcohol use. It can be challenging to watch a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction, especially when it’s your mother. But rest assured, there are ways to help and support your mom in seeking treatment.

Woodland Recovery Center offers specialized alcohol addiction treatment designed to support moms who drink and who might be showing signs of alcohol addiction. With comprehensive care programs, including detox, counseling, and long-term recovery planning, Woodland Recovery Center provides the resources and support necessary to help moms overcome their addictions. Call us today at 662.222.2989 to learn more about how you can help your mom start her journey to recovery.

Five Signs Your Mom May Be Drinking Too Much Alcohol

While every family is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for moms who drink too much, here are five signs that there may be an issue.

1. Your Mom Drinks a Bottle of Wine a Night

Memes about moms drinking wine are on social media sites on a regular basis. The concept has become so common and so widely accepted that it’s not unusual to see a reference to moms drinking wine on infant onesies and toddler t-shirts. While an occasional glass of wine might not be anything to worry about, if your mom is drinking every night, she might struggle with a substance use disorder.

2. Your Mom’s Mood Changes When She Drinks

Alcohol can significantly impact a person’s mood, causing them to become angry, irritable, or withdrawn. If you notice that your mom has sudden and extreme changes in her behavior when she drinks, it may be a sign that she is struggling with alcohol addiction.

3. Your Mom Is Unable to Control Her Drinking

One of the defining characteristics of addiction is the inability to control substance use. If your mom has tried to cut back or stop drinking but has been unsuccessful, it may be a sign that she needs professional help in managing her alcohol intake.

4. She Neglects Her Day-to-Day Responsibilities

Moms are some of the busiest people on the planet. They have a lot of responsibilities, both at work and at home. If your mom is neglecting her day-to-day responsibilities, it could be a sign that she’s drinking too much. These can include things like not getting to work on time, being unable to keep up with the housework, or forgetting important appointments.

5. Your Mom Continues to Drink Even Though It Causes Issues

Alcohol is such an accepted way for people in the United States to socialize, unwind after a long day, and cope with stressful situations that it can be difficult to realize when it becomes an issue. One major sign of alcohol addiction is continuing to drink when it causes problems. Some of the signs of this can include:

  • Your mom gets into arguments with family members or friends when she drinks
  • Missing important events because she’s hungover
  • Losing her job or struggling at work because of her drinking
  • Getting into legal trouble while under the influence of alcohol

If your mom is exhibiting any of these signs, having an open and honest conversation with her is essential. Encourage her to seek professional help and offer your support throughout the recovery process. Remember, addiction is a condition, and your mom needs compassion and understanding as she works toward overcoming it.

How You Can Help Your Mom

Supporting your mom through her journey to recovery can be a challenging yet deeply rewarding process. One of the most important steps you can take is to educate yourself about alcohol addiction and available treatment options. Unlike traditional residential programs, outpatient treatment offers flexibility, allowing your mom to receive the care she needs while continuing to fulfill her everyday responsibilities.

Here are some ways you can assist:

  • Encourage professional help – Suggest that your mom seek an evaluation from a healthcare professional who specializes in addiction.
  • Discuss outpatient treatment – Highlight the benefits of outpatient options, which include therapy sessions, support groups, and medical supervision that fit into her schedule.
  • Create a supportive environment – Remove alcohol from the home and create a safe, nurturing space for her to thrive.
  • Be present and listen – Sometimes, your mom may need someone to talk to. Being there to listen without judgment can make a world of difference.
  • Help with logistics – Help arrange appointments and transportation so she can attend her treatment sessions without added stress.

By providing your mom with unwavering support, understanding, and practical assistance, you can help her navigate her path toward sobriety.

Call Woodland Recovery Center for Support with Addiction Recovery

Compassion, care, and professionalism are the three pillars of our alcohol addiction treatment program. If you’re worried about your mom’s drinking, we can help. At Woodland Recovery Center, your mom will receive individualized care based on her unique needs. We’ll create a treatment plan that’s designed to help her recover from alcohol addiction and build a foundation for a sober future.

Alcohol addiction can impact the entire family, but with proper treatment, your mom can overcome her addiction and build a better life for herself and for those she loves. If you’re worried about your mom’s drinking, contact us online or call us today at 662.222.2989. We can help her get on the path to recovery.