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The Importance of Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Couple in family therapy and addiction recovery

Recovering from addiction is about much more than abstinence. Substance use disorders affect physical health and mental health and can potentially cause lasting damage to family relationships. Starting a family therapy program can help people heal from this last component of addiction and navigate the path to cultivating supportive relationships with their families.

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What Is Family Therapy?

Put simply, family therapy is where family members can come together to speak openly and candidly about their struggles and challenges. People who have been hurt or have hurt others can share their thoughts, feelings, and progress in a safe place with a licensed counselor present to guide the discussion.

The counselor’s presence plays an essential role in helping the family to communicate with each other and acting as a neutral party who can help settle disputes and illuminate the path to healing.

The Importance of Family Therapy

Addiction can be a family disease. It is hereditary, meaning you are more likely to suffer from a substance use disorder if your parents did. In turn, it can make it more likely that your children will struggle with substance use if you have yourself. But this is only a surface-level reason why addiction is characterized as a family disease.

The true reason for this saying is that the entire family plays a role in the addiction process in one way or another. For example, a husband with a problem with alcohol may lash out at his family members while drinking, only to feel intense shame and guilt.

At the same time, some family members may enable drinking through different means, whether by providing money for the person who is struggling with addiction, not setting clear expectations, or dismissing the problems associated with their substance use out of hand.

Whatever the case, the family of a person with substance use disorder typically has resentments, wounds, and damage that need time and space to heal. Family therapy is there to guide this process and ensure that everyone comes together to support the person in recovery while simultaneously ensuring that they prioritize their own mental health and well-being.

Family Therapy and Addiction Treatment

Family therapy and addiction recovery go hand in hand. The importance of family therapy in helping a person achieve recovery should not go under appreciated, and leaving the wounds of the past to fester can quickly lead to relapse. But while family therapy is an important component, it is typically not enough to help somebody achieve recovery on its own.

Instead, family therapy is simply one tool in the addiction recovery toolbox. Other treatments and therapies for people recovering from substance use disorders include:

Together, these tools work to treat the holistic health of a person who is new to sobriety. They can teach valuable coping skills, build support networks, and uncover the root cause of a person’s behaviors, helping them along the path to recovery.

Start Family Therapy and Addiction Recovery at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi

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