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Long Beach, Mississippi Drug Rehab And Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Long Beach, Mississippi

Only by customizing treatment does a person have the ability to fully recover from substance use disorder. In addition, drug and alcohol treatment should be flexible enough to meet the person's needs over the entire length of their recovery. As an example, when you first begin treatment, you might need medically monitored detox to assist you as you move through the symptoms of withdrawal. Inpatient treatment, which offers a great deal of support, is available at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi. Contact us today to learn more.

Medically Monitored Detox Programs

Detox is the process of ridding your body of various substances. After a period of use, this is likely to lead to withdrawal symptoms. Some of these can be troubling and difficult to handle. Cravings for the substance of your choice can make it difficult to continue with your recovery. This is when the support from medical monitoring to help you prepare for addiction treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab offers 24-hour access to a variety of treatment services. In addition to the ability to engage with medically trained staff on an ongoing basis, inpatient care gives you a community of peer support. This includes group therapy, outside activities, and more. Look for a treatment center that offers a variety of clinical and therapeutic approaches. Gender-specific treatment provides a safe and welcoming environment in which to process and address a variety of issues. These can include past trauma, relationship problems, and other issues that could make it difficult for you to remain substance-free unless they are addressed. [inline_cta_three]

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment means that you must travel to and from the treatment center each time your session is scheduled. It's best if you have a strong support system at home. Outpatient addiction treatment is also a good step-down option after you've successfully completed an inpatient treatment program. Outpatient addiction treatment can serve as a bridge between inpatient addiction treatment and sober living homes, for example.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is a specialized program that addresses opioid and alcohol use disorders. It combines medication, behavioral therapy, and other treatment elements to help you avoid withdrawal and participate in an individualized recovery program.

Aftercare And Recovery Coaching

One of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is access to aftercare and recovery coaching. While it's important to note that the availability of these services can vary significantly, choosing a facility that offers this continuum of care is important to your continued recovery. Some examples of aftercare include recovery housing, 12-step programs, community resources, and peer recovery support services.

Paying For Rehab

For most people, their health insurance will pay for rehab. In other cases, they might have to pay a portion of the cost out-of-pocket. Medicare and Medicaid can also be options if you meet the income and other guidelines set by these programs. In some cases, a treatment center might offer a payment plan or price their services based on your income. Crowdsourcing, obtaining a loan from family or friends, and community resources might be other options.

Substance Use Trends In Long Beach And Harrison County, Mississippi

According to the Mississippi State Board of Health (MSBH), drug overdose is a significant problem in Harrison County where Long Beach is located. Some notable facts include:
  • Harrison County led the state in the number of overdose deaths (12) in the third quarter of 2018.
  • During that same time period, Harrison County experienced 259 drug-related arrests.
  • Surprisingly, the data did not indicate that naloxone was administered in Harrison County in an attempt to stop an overdose.

Woodland Recovery Center In Southaven, Mississippi

At Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi in Southaven, Mississippi, we provide a comprehensive approach to substance use treatment. We also offer treatment for mental health disorders because the two conditions often go together. Learn more about our services and how we can help you recover by contacting us today.