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Madison, Mississippi Drug Rehab And Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Madison, Mississippi

Recovery is a road that takes different turns for every person. The only way to meet the unique needs of each person is by offering treatment that is tailored to your needs. As you move through the different stages of recovery, the treatment center you choose should offer different programs to address your changing needs. A variety of programs and recovery services are available at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi, including medically monitored detox.

Medically Monitored Detox Programs

Medically monitored detox programs help keep you safe during the taxing process of withdrawal. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can lead to a medical emergency. Having the skills of a medical team at your disposal during these incidents can make the detox process smoother.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Experts in the addiction field agree that inpatient drug rehab is the gold standard. If at all possible, you should strive to enter an inpatient program at the substance use disorder treatment center of your choice. One of the key advantages of inpatient drug rehab is access to around-the-clock clinical and medical staff. Not only are these caring individuals available during those times when you're most vulnerable, but they also offer a level of support that is uncompromising. [inline_cta_three]

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment can seem like a good choice if you have responsibilities, such as a family, school, or a job that keeps you from being able to devote 24 hours a day to your care. However, a caveat to this type of addiction treatment is that you must have a strong support system in place. For many people, this type of resource isn't available so inpatient addiction treatment is best.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is a specialized program that offers a combination of components to provide a well-rounded approach to treatment. FDA-approved medication and behavioral therapy, along with peer support in some cases, are used to treat opioid addiction as well as alcohol addiction.

Aftercare And Recovery Coaching

The best substance use disorder treatment centers provide a continuum of care that includes recovery coaching and aftercare. Because recovery is a lifelong process, you need access to programs such as 12-step programming, sober living homes, and alumni meetings. These options allow you to gain assistance from your peers or mentor others if you desire.

Paying For Rehab

Sadly, questions about their ability to pay for rehab is often a reason why people hesitate to get the help they need. Nearly all health insurance policies today will pay for substance use disorder treatment. In addition, there may be grants or payment plans available.

Substance Use Trends In Madison And Madison County, Mississippi

Data from the Mississippi Opioid and Heroin Data Collaborative indicates that substance use is a problem in Madison and Madison County. Some statistics of note include:
  • In the third quarter of 2018, naloxone was administered 12 times in Madison County.
  • This means that Madison County was ranked third-highest in the state.
  • Madison County had 267 drug-related arrests during that same time period.

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi In Southaven, Mississippi

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi in Southaven, Mississippi offers a range of comprehensive drug treatment programs. We also specialize in assisting those individuals who struggle with mental health issues or a history of trauma. Contact us today to speak to a compassionate member of our team and begin your recovery.