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Finding Support Groups in Mississippi for Addiction Recovery

men and women in support groups in mississippi

The right support system can help make your addiction recovery efforts successful. Finding a group therapy program in Mississippi can bring the structure and community you need to build and maintain a lasting recovery from substance use disorder.

However, not all addiction support groups are the same. Here’s what you should know when you’re considering addiction recovery support groups in Mississippi and how to choose one that works for you.

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi offers a range of treatment programs and services for substance use disorder. For more information on a group therapy program in Southaven, Mississippi, call 662.222.2989 and speak with Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi.

Why Join an Addiction Support Group?

Addiction is often called a disease of isolation. Active addiction pulls an individual away from relationships, interests, and ultimately, the self. Building and maintaining a strong community of peers in recovery is a central part of an effective treatment plan.

Joining an addiction recovery support group is a smart decision, regardless of where you are on your treatment journey. Joining a support group can help you continue building the skills you need for a thriving life in recovery.

Different Types of Addiction Support Groups

All addiction support groups provide community and accountability. When you regularly attend sessions, you build relationships and gain insight into how you can strengthen your mental and emotional health. This is a powerful factor in combating the risk of relapse.

Regardless of which type of support group you join, you can benefit from having:

  • Friends who understand the struggles and victories of recovery
  • A community that doesn’t engage in substance use
  • A place to seek help when struggling with cravings
  • The opportunity to give and receive advice and feedback
  • Others who support your journey and want you to succeed

However, when you start looking for support groups in Mississippi, you’ll see that there are many choices available. Items to consider when choosing a support group include:

  • 12-Step or alternative model
  • Religious or secular program
  • In-person or online meeting
  • Evidence-based or alternative programming

These choices can be a lot to consider, especially if you’ve never participated in an addiction recovery support group before. When in doubt, choosing group counseling through an established treatment center is a good choice.

How a Group Therapy Program Can Make a Difference

A group therapy program run by a treatment center offers a higher level of care than most other addiction recovery groups. Most recovery groups involve participation at will. This can make consistently showing up to meetings difficult, especially when you’re new to recovery.

Group counseling typically involves going through an initial intake process. A treatment team will help you set up a plan that works for you, and your attendance and participation are expected at every session. This creates a high level of accountability and personalized care.

Group sessions also tend to be smaller and more personal than larger recovery groups. Participants can get to know one another quickly and work together to support one another through the challenges and victories they face each week.

Finally, group counseling uses evidence-based practices proven to be effective in supporting addiction recovery, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Sessions are moderated by a licensed professional. If you need extra support, the therapist leading the session can give targeted advice and suggestions.

Group Counseling at Woodland Recovery Center – Mississippi

Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi is Southaven, Mississippi’s premier provider of behavioral health treatment services. In addition to inpatient addiction treatment, we offer intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) and group counseling. We also host a strong alumni program to facilitate further accountability and connection once a program ends.

If you’re looking for an addiction recovery support group, give us a call today at 662.222.2989 to learn more about the group counseling program available at Woodland Recovery Center Mississippi.