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Signs of IV Drug Use in Your Loved One

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Drugs can be used in several different ways, but one popular route of administration is through the veins. Intravenous (IV) drug use, nicknamed shooting up, is the act of injecting a drug directly into a vein. Several used drugs can be injected intravenously like meth and cocaine, but heroin is the most well-known intravenous drug. Once someone starts using drugs intravenously, substance abuse treatment programs are typically necessary. One reason why those who use drugs will often use them intraveneously is because this method can provide a more immediate and intense high than other means of administration. Although more pleasurable for the indivdual, IV drug use can also be dangerous and lead to serious complications. If someone you care about is showing signs of IV drug use, get them help immediately from a before more serious problems arise.

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Signs and Symptoms of IV Drug Use to Look For

While the exact symptoms and signs of IV drug use can vary from person to person and depend on the drug being used, there are some commonalities. Some common signs of IV drug use include:

  • Skin abnormalities
  • Modest clothing
  • IV drug paraphernalia
  • Abnormal behavior

Skin Abnormalities

Because repeated injections in the same place can be damaging to the skin, there are often several physical signs of intravenous IV drug use. Needle tracks also known as track marks are common and can range in appearance from scars to bruises. Other physical signs of IV drug use may include abscesses, ulcers, or swelling. These intravenous injection sites could become infected and lead to even life-threatening problems if left untreated. Contrary to popular belief, IV drug use is not confined to the forearms either. Other common areas of injection where skin abnormalities or track marks may appear include the hands, feet, and neck.

Modest Clothing

Track marks and skin abnormalities are common among those who use IV drugs regularyl, so many will wear modest and conservation clothing to cover up these scars and bruises. Because many individuals will also use several areas of their body for injection, this may result in full-body coverage. A common sign someone is shooting up drugs is when they wear these modest outfits even in hot weather and refuse to take off unnecessary layers.

IV Use Paraphernalia

Another tell-tale sign of IV drug use is the presence of specific drug paraphernalia. Common IV drug paraphernalia includes needles, burnt spoons, a lighter, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, and some type of tourniquet. These supplies may be hidden to avoid suspicion.

Abnormal Behavior

Although not confined to IV drug use, another major warning sign of drug use is a change in behavior. These changes can take many forms but may include becoming withdrawn, frequent lying, and aggression as well as unusual sleep or eating habits. In some cases, when those who use drugs go on binges, they often don’t eat, so another physical sign of shooting up may also be unhealthy weight loss. Now that you know how to tell if someone is shooting up drugs, trust your gut. If you suspect someone you care about is using drugs, they potentially are.

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